Jammy Bodger | Jam Making Month by Month; A 12 Month Guide to Making Jam Book

Jam Making Month by Month; A 12 Month Guide to Making Jam Book

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So I’ve always wanted to be a writer? Err.. no. Everyone has a book in them and this is mine? Err.. possibly. So why did I write a book about jam?

Well, I wanted answers. Not about the meaning of life (although that would be good too) but answers to simple questions like;  What’s in season and what can I make with it? What does jam look like when its setting? Why is my marmalade not set on the saucer test but is now set rock solid in the jam pan? And why does my chutney keep spitting at me!

When I couldn’t find the answers in the numerous jam books I’d accumulated I started working them out for my self.

‘The Jammy Bodger’s Guide to Making Jam’ is seasonal and gives you a Month by Month plan for what to make and when. With Step by Step Guides to making Jam, Jelly, Marmalade, Chutney and Curd, and lots of hints and tips you can’t go wrong. And hey even if you do go wrong I’ve included baking recipes for using even the runniest jam and unset jelly.Chicken Image

It’s jam packed (sorry I couldn’t resist) with easy to follow recipes which make the most of the fruit and veg we have growing all around us and most importantly make preserves which taste fantastic. There are tales of my many trials and tribulations which will help you avoid some of the mistakes I made again and again (that’s you marmalade), and hopefully make you laugh, that’s with me not at me of course!

But don’t get confused this isn’t another lifestyle book. I don’t live in a 16th Century cottage and if I had an aga I wouldn’t know what to do with it. All the photos are taking in my kitchen by me and my friends so come join in. You don’t need a frilly apron, just a large pan, a good jam book (fingers crossed mine) and some fruit and sugar. Why wait!

Jam Making Month by Month; The Jammy Bodger's Guide to Making JamJammy Bodger SignatureJam Making Month by Month; The Jammy Bodger’s Guide to Making Jam BARGAIN PRICE £10 inc postage (UK ONLY whilst stocks last). Simply click Buy Now PayPal to make your secure payment. Please include the full postal address and whether you’d like the book dedicated to anyone. Then simply get jamming!


Or Buy my book through The Bottle & Jar Co . Debbie sells a complete range of bottles and jars, err… hence the company name, so you can buy the book and get your first batch of jars. And whilst you ‘re at it check out her label range. She’s got some funky designs, but I would think that, as I designed them, basically if you liked the silly drawings on this website you will like the labels, but don’t take my word for it, have a look yourself.

Keep an eye on my latest blogs, Facebook and this website to find out where I’m doing taste testings or book promotions and come along and have a chat.








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