Jammy Bodger | How to Make Jam, Chutney, Marmalade…

How to Make Jam, Chutney, Marmalade…

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Where have you been all this time. Well don’t worry I’ve been waiting patiently….errr ish. Right lets get cracking we’ve wasted enough time chatting all ready. Jam pans, or large stock pots at the ready. Action. Errr..what were we doing again? Oh yes Let’s make Jam, chutney, marmalade or whatever you fancy.

Not sure where to start? Well¬†take a look in the Recipe Book and see what you feel like making. If you’re a first timer then use the How To Guides¬†under the Confused Icon (green not so smiley face) to get started. It’s really easy, honest.

All youBumble Bee need is fantastic fruit for flavour, sugar for sweetness, and a large pan to get a good bubble and boil and hey presto you’ve got home made jam good enough to eat now or even better spread the love and share with family and friends.

For more recipes and hints & tips why not buy my book Jam Making Month by Month; The Jammy Bodger’s Guide to Make Jam which is jam packed (sorry I couldn’t resist) with seasonal recipes and information to help you make tangylicious preserves using fruit picked from hedgerows, orchards and anywhere else you can get your greedy mitts on it. For more info check out the Book Icon on your left.

Now that you’ve found me let’s not lose touch. For constant chat and jammy wittering check out my blog, under the Blog Icon or follow me on twitter @JammyBodgerUK.

I hope you like jamming too!

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Jam Making Month by Month; The Jammy Bodger's Guide to Making Jam


Apparently everyone has at least 1 book in them, I just never realised mine would be about jam! To find out more simply click on the Book Icon x

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